Colposcopist Referral List

To simplify the referral process and improve follow up for Saskatchewan women with an abnormal Pap test, the Screening Program for Cervical Cancer has compiled a list of gynecologists to whom family physicians and nurse practitioners can refer their patients for diagnostic testing.

The gynecologists noted below are those who regularly perform colposcopies and who have agreed to include their clinic information on this site for referral. (Note: primary care providers can choose to refer patients to gynecologists not listed.) 

The information will be reviewed semi-annually. If you have questions please contact the screening program at 639-625-2131.


Dr. Amos Akinbiyi
Phone: 306-569-1522
Fax: 306-569-2313

Zoemed Clinic
Dr. Ejibunmi Adetola
Phone: 306-525-3694
Fax: 306-525-3994

Maternity and Wellness on Victoria
Dr. Jackie Ferguson; Dr. Erin Kot; Dr. Dorian Kristmanson
Phone: 306-352-4963
Fax: 306-205-1155

Queen City Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Christine Lett and Dr. Martha Briggs
Phone: 306-585-9565
Fax: 306-585-9209

Gynecology and Pediatrics Associates of Regina
Dr. Huse Kamencic; Dr. Darrien Rattray; Dr. John Thiel
Phone: 306-586-1800
Fax: 306-586-3511

Moose Jaw

Dr. Nureni Yusuf
Phone: 306-693-0925
Fax: 306-693-0927


Broadway Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Lexy Regush; Dr. Afton Sielski; Dr. Nerissa Tyson
Phone:  306-808-0340
Fax:  306-667-4066

Saskatoon Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultants
Dr. Marilyn Davidson; Dr. George Gilliland; Dr. Natasha Payton
Phone:  306-653-5970
Fax:  306-653-5383

Wallstreet Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Jennifer Duda; Dr. Laura Weins
Phone:  306-652-4331
Fax:  306-242-4855

YXE Women’s Health
Dr. Annette Epp
Phone:  306-954-9939
Fax:  306-954-9940

Dr. Melissa Mirosh
Phone: 306-244-3080
Fax: 306-244-3017

Dr. Ann M. Ravichander Medical Prof. Corp
Dr. Ann Ravichander
Phone:  306-244-0177
Fax:  306-244-8705

Prince Albert

Prince Albert Women’s Health Clinic
Dr. Carmen-Nicoleta Mircea; Dr. Vijayalakshmi Udayasankar
Phone:  306-703-0350
Fax:  888-628-2028

Dr. Colin Clark
Phone:  306-763-8081
Fax:  306-763-1307


Dr. Cornelius Spies
Phone: 306-782-5525
Fax: 306-782-3616



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