Cancer and Nutrition - More Information

Finding accurate and reliable information about nutrition in cancer can be difficult. Here are a few tips to help you while you search:

- Consider the source: Look for information from regulated health professionals and reputable organizations
- Is there high quality research available?

Low Quality
High Quality
Personal stories or anecdotes vs      Scientific studies
Animal studies vs Human studies
One single study/handful of studies      vs Scientific consensus from many studies/large body of research

- Be wary of easy answers or solutions that sound ‘too good to be true’.  Is the advice or product offering a quick fix?
- Maintain a healthy skepticism. Is the person or organization selling a product?
- Read closely and get the whole story

Helpful resources and websites for more nutrition and healthy eating advice:

- Eating Well When you have Cancer – a resource for patients and caregivers (Canadian Cancer Society):

- BC Cancer Agency – Nutrition Information:

- American Institute for Cancer Research:

- Eating Hints: Before, during and after cancer treatment (National Cancer Institute)

- ELLICSR Kitchen – recipes and cooking tips:

- Nourish – website with advice from dietitians and recipes for cancer patients:

- About Herbs – database on herbal and natural health products from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: