New Patient Forms

Manual Admission of New Patient Form

Completing the Forms Electronically:

- Ensure your computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. You can download Adobe for free at

- Click the Personal Health History Form or Personal Medication List link on the website. This will open the form in your Internet browser. 

- Save the form to your computer. We do not recommend saving the form on a public computer.

- Close your Internet browser.

- Complete the form as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

- Save the completed form to your computer.

- Close the document. 

To send the form:

- Open a new email

- In the To field, type the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- In the Subject field, type your name and city, e.g. Jones – Yorkton

- Attach the completed Personal Health History Form and/or Personal Medication List (look for the Paperclip icon to attach files) 

- Send the email

- You will receive a notification that the email has been received. Do not reply to this email.