SHA/SCA Requisitions 

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) have requisitions specific for SCA use.

Patients receiving outpatient care at either the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina or the Saskatoon Cancer Centre will be given an SHA/SCA branded requisition for laboratory and diagnostic imaging requests. The requisitions better serve oncology patients in Saskatchewan and support automated efficiencies the SCA .

SHA/SCA Laboratory Requisitions

SHA/SCA Diagnostic Imaging Requisitions

SHA/SCA Other Requisitions

The requisitions are co-branded with both the SHA and SCA logos. All requisitions list the tests requested and contain the necessary patient demographic information. The ordering physician’s contact information is also displayed.

Locations that perform laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests will be required to accept the SHA/SCA requisitions to provide testing services to patients. 

Current SHA/community requisitions will continue to be used. The SHA/SCA requisitions are in addition to the existing ones.