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Sun Smart Saskatchewan

Sun Smart Saskatchewan is a partnership of organizations and individuals whose goal is to reduce the occurrence and death from skin cancer in Saskatchewan.

Our members include the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan Dermatology Association, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, health regions, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition (University of Saskatchewan), and Health Canada (First Nations and Inuit Health Program, Saskatchewan Region).

We want to increase awareness in Saskatchewan about the risks of skin cancer from over-exposure to the sun and tanning beds, and to encourage people to practice skin cancer prevention.

To help educate people about skin cancer facts, risks and prevention we have prepared an information package that includes a:
- user guide
- background documents
- fact sheet
- PowerPoint presentations

You can download the package and use the documents to help communicate information about skin cancer and prevention. 

Click to download the Skin Cancer Information Package

For more information, visit the Sun Smart Saskatchewan website or contact the:
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
Prevention Department
Phone: 639-625-2039


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