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Getting More Information

Learning more about cancer and its treatment helps many people feel more in control. Getting information can help you make better decisions with your cancer care team. Having good information may also help you worry less.

You can ask your doctor, nurse or other members of your cancer care team questions about your cancer and its treatment. They are there to answer your questions and to help you.

When you talk to your cancer care team, remember that it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information you are given. If you don't understand something, please ask. It is also a good idea to make notes so that you can refresh your memory later about answers to questions.

After you have met with your cancer care team, you will be given written information about your cancer and treatment options to take home and share it with your family. If you are a relative or friend of someone with cancer, learn as much as you can. Information will help you provide support and may also help you worry less.

Patient and Family Resource Centres

The Patient and Family Resource Centres at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and the Allan Blair Cancer Centre strive to support patients and families by providing current and relevant information about specific types of cancer, self-help and coping, nutrition, general cancer information and a variety of other topics. Books, DVDs and CDs have been purchased through the generosity of donors.

The resource centres are open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. A volunteer should be present to assist in signing out material. Loan period is 30 days, and fees may apply for material that is lost or returned past the due date.

Saskatoon Cancer Centre: The Resource Centre is located on the ground floor.

Allan Blair Cancer Centre: The Resource Centre is located on the main floor directly opposite the main reception desk. Click here for a listing of resources available at the Allan Blair Cancer Centre.

Patient Information Pamphlet Packs

Patient information pamphlet racks contain a variety pamphlets and booklets from the Canadian Cancer Society, as well as from other organizaitons on specific cancer information and other relavant topics. At the Allan Blair Cancer Centre, pamphlets racks are located in the Patient and Family Resource Centre. At the Saskatoon Cancer Centre, they are located by the bloodwork area, as well as in the chemotherapy and radiation therapy departments.  

Other Recommended Sources of Information

Canadian Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society can connect you with a range of support provided by individuals and groups who have gone through the cancer experience. The Society also operates a Cancer Information Service. This is a toll-free telephone number where you can speak to a cancer information specialist who can answer your questions and send you more information about cancer. The phone number is 1-888-939-3333. 

Cancer View Canada

Cancer View Canada is an online community for patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and others interested in improving cancer. It provides a single access point to the best available cancer services, resources and information available in Canada and through shared tools, enables the cancer community to connect and collaborate. An initiative of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer in collaboration with a network of regional and national partners, Cancer View Canada can be found at www.cancerview.ca.

Living Well With Cancer

Living Well With Cancer (LWWC) is a unique partnership among people with cancer, health care professionals, and people representing cancer and professional organizations, and an industry partner. LWWC has produced easy-to-read information and tools to help you cope with cancer.

Ask your health care team for LWWC materials, including an information kit and a personal health journal in which you can record details about your treatment, and how you are responding to treatment, as well as the names and phone numbers of your cancer care team.

Recommended Internet Sites

You can find a lot of information about cancer on the Internet. Please remember that not everything you read about cancer will apply to you. and that not all information on the Internet is reliable. If you have questions about information you saw on the Internet, ask your cancer care team. On a practical note, it would be difficult for your team to review or comment on large amounts of material you might find on the Internet. Instead, try to focus on questions that relate to you. If you feel you need more time to deal with many questions, you may want to arrange a special visit to discuss your concerns. Some Internet sites that provide general health information and information about cancer:



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