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Instructions for Taking the Test

Please click here for video instructions, available in Cree, Dene and English.

Have all of your supplies ready and in one place. Supplies include:
    •  laboratory requisition
    •  green capped sampling bottle 
    •  zip lock bag and cloth
    •  collection paper
    •  mailing envelope

Remove the sampling bottle from the package.

1. Ensure that the name and date of birth are correct on the bottle. If it is not correct, please contact eHealth at 1-800-667-7551 or change@ehealthsask.ca.

2. Flush the toilet and then place the supplied collection paper inside the toilet bowl.

3. Have your bowel movement on top of the collection paper or in a disposable clean, dry container.

4. Open the green cap of the sampling container with a gentle twist and pull.

5. Scrape the surface of the stool sample with the grooved portion of the green sampling wand before the paper sinks and stool touches the water in the toilet bowl. Only a small sample of stool is required. 

6. Insert the sampling wand back into the container and snap the green cap on tightly. Do not reopen.

7. Wrap the sample container in the cloth and place it into the zip lock bag. Place the bag into the return envelope.

8. Write the date you collected the sample on the laboratory requisition and place the form in the return envelope with your sample and seal the envelope shut.

9. Return the envelope to the nearest medical laboratory or to a Canada Post retail outlet as soon as possible. The test is time and temperature sensitive. The test should not be frozen. Do not place the test in an outdoor mailbox. 

Click here to download a copy of the FIT instruction sheet.

Click here for video instructions, available in Dene, Cree and English.

Click here to find laboratories near you.


Inside FIT Instructions

Instructions in Dene, Cree and English.

SCA Home | Screening | Colorectal | FIT Instructions