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Our Facilities

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency operates two treatment facilities: the Allan Blair Cancer Centre in Regina and the Saskatoon Cancer Centre.

Following a diagnosis of cancer, a patient is referred to the cancer program and an evaluation is made as to the treatment required. If radiotherapy forms part of the treatment plan, it is administered by radiation oncologists at one of the cancer centres. Chemotherapy, the treatment of cancer through the administration of chemical agents, is administered out by medical staff at one of the cancer centres or through one of the community oncology centres.

Regular follow-up examination of cancer patients is vital. The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency maintains comprehensive follow-up data and, in conjunction with consultant specialists and family physicians, ensures appropriate follow-up activity is maintained. Support services to assist in the social, emotional and economic needs of patients are also available through the cancer centres.

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency also operates two patient lodges - a "home away from home" for out-of-town patients undergoing treatment at the cancer centres in Regina and Saskatoon.

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