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Information about the FIT test and the SPCRC

Why is screening for colorectal cancer important?

Colorectal cancer, also known as colon or bowel cancer, is the second most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in men and women. It is also the second leading cause of cancer death in Saskatchewan. It often develops with few, if any, early warning symptoms. With screening, early signs of colorectal cancer can be detected and treated successfully. In fact, colorectal cancer is over 90 per cent preventable with screening.

Who should participate in the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer (SPCRC)?

The SPCRC is for all Saskatchewan residents who:
- have a valid Saskatchewan Health Services card
- are between the ages of 50 and 74
- have not been diagnosed with colorectal cancer within the past five years.

How do I receive my in-home test kit?

The SPCRC will mail invitation letters and home-based test kits to eligible participants, based on information provided by the Ministry of Health. In some instances, the letters and kits will be delivered by a community healthcare worker.

What type of test will be used to screen for colorectal cancer?

The SPCRC uses a fecal immunochemical test (FIT) to find blood in the stool that is not visible to the naked eye. This easy-to-use test is done in the privacy of your home. Click here for instructions on how to take the FIT.

What do I do after I complete the test?

After you complete the test, you can drop off the sample at a medical laboratory or a Canada Post retail outlet in the supplied postage-paid envelope. Please do not leave it in an outdoor mailbox.

What are the benefits of the FIT?

Taking the FIT test every two years will help find colorectal cancer early, when treatment is most effective. There are no diet restrictions, and medication and vitamins will not interfere with the results. You will need to provide only one sample with the FIT, unlike other fecal occult blood tests that require three samples.

What happens after the test?

The Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory will analyze your test and forward the results to the SPCRC. The SPCRC will send the results to you and your family doctor or medical clinic. Click here for information about test results.

What if I do not have a family doctor?

You can still participate in the SPCRC if you do not have a family doctor. We encourage you to check with your health region for a list of doctors that are currently accepting new patients. In some communities medical clinics may serve as the family doctor.

I have moved/I am planning to move. How do I make sure my test kits and letters come to my new address? 

Please update your address by calling 1-800-667-7551, emailing change@ehealthsask.ca or online at www.ehealthsask.ca.

Can I choose to not participate in the SPCRC?

If you do not want to participate in the program and do not want to be contacted again, please complete the opt-out form or contact the SPCRC at 1-855-292-2202.

How do I contact the SPCRC?

Toll free 1-855-292-2202
Email:  Contact Us
Mail:  101-4545 Parliament Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4W 0G3

SCA Home | Screening | Colorectal | Information about the FIT test and the SPCRC