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Drug Formulary

The Saskatchewan Cancer Agency drug formulary provides a listing of the anti-cancer drugs and some supportive drugs funded by the Agency (formulary) and those anti-cancer drugs not funded by the Agency (non-formulary). Formulary drugs are provided free of charge to our patients when used according to the funding eligibility guidelines. 

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Drug Formulary

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Out-of-Province/Country Medical Coverage

Request for Extended Cancer Drug Supplies Policy

Appendix A to Request for Extended Cancer Drug Supplies Policy

pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review

The pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) was established by the provincial and territorial Ministries of Health excluding Quebec to assess the clinical evidence and cost effectiveness of new cancer drugs and to use this information to make recommendations to the provinces and territories to guide their drug funding decisions. The pCODR process brings consistency and clarity to the cancer drug review process, ensuring individual provinces and territories can make drug funding decisions informed by evidence.

Funding decisions made by each jurisdiction for all cancer drugs that have completed the pCODR review process is available on pCODR’s website under the "Find a Review” tab and listed according to each drug.


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