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Counseling and Support Services

A diagnosis of cancer brings many changes to your life and to your family.

Social workers at the cancer centres are available to help through counseling and a variety of supportive services. 

Inside Counseling and Support Services

Assessment and consultation, patient navigation assistance, emotional support, family counseling, relaxation training, palliative and bereavement counseling.

Helping you manage the symptoms that may be caused by cancer or your treatment.
Resources to help manage fatigue; "Too Tired" drop in sessons.

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals ensure we are helping you manage symptoms – both physical and emotional – that may be caused by cancer or cancer treatment.

Taking care of you; talking about your cancer; Creativity for Health program

Assistance for personal and financial needs.

An advance care plan can give you peace of mind knowing that those caring for you understand your treatment choices if you were unable to make the decisions at the time.

Options for patients traveling for treatment.

Services available in your home and in your own community.

Meeting with others who have faced or are facing similar challenges.

See what cancer-related services and supports are available.

Patient and Family Resource Centre; recommended sources of information.

SCA Home | Patients | Support Services