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New Patient Information

Great progress has been made in the treatment of cancer in recent years. New statistics show that people with cancer are living longer and more are remaining cancer-free.

People with cancer are also experiencing a better quality of life while they are having treatment. There is every reason to hope that we will make more progress in the treatment of cancer in the years ahead.

Inside New Patient Information

We ask that you complete and submit the patient health history form prior to your first visit to the cancer centre.

What to bring, questions to ask your doctor and other helpful information to help prepare for your first visit.

Your cancer care journal is a personal record of your experience and has useful worksheets and tips to help you keep an active role in your care.

Your cancer care team is in place to help you and those around you who are providing support.

The type of treatment you need will depend on the type of cancer you have and the stage of your cancer.

Helping you manage the symptoms that may be caused by cancer or your treatment.

Family members are viewed by us as members of your team. 

Follow-up care will be arranged with your family doctor or your oncologist.

Medical terms compiled by Pfizer Oncology.
SCA Home | Patients | New Patient Information